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Where We Operate

Savvy Nanny Payroll Services makes paying your household employees or nannies tax and payroll very easy. It was created to provide the best user experience, one that is fast, accurate, easy and intuitive for our users at the right price.

To do this, we contract with a premier Online Payroll Services Provider, purchase their services to Savvy Nanny Payroll Services at a wholesale rate, then pass our savings on to you.

To make use of the online software provided by this Industry Leader we follow the conventions of submitting forms and payments as conventional business does at the federal, state, and local level where you live.

We operate in states where our online software is compatible with the filing frequency and forms required.  Rest assured that whatever the tax particularities of the area you reside in, we have you covered and know exactly which forms need to be filed, and which taxes must be paid.  We only operate in states where you can pay these taxes with ease through our system.  So whether you live in New York City, Seattle, San Francisco, or Houston (or any other “green” or “blue” state) – we are equipped to handle the particularities of your city and state.

Green States

If your state above is highlighted in green,
it means that in your state, all conventions of filing and paying state household employee taxes are exactly the same as for any other employer. Federal taxes discussed below.

Blue States

If your state is highlighted in blue, it means that in your state, you may file and pay state taxes for household employees exactly the same as any other type of employee. So our Savvy Nanny Payroll Services software will work just fine for you. We do want to make you aware that your state may allow but not require you to file and pay annually instead of quarterly. If you are using Savvy Nanny Payroll Services, your filing and payments will default to the frequency of filings for an ordinary business  instead of annual filings. We find most clients actually prefer this frequency option. Filing and payments are an almost effortless process – Click, click you are done. Federal taxes discussed below.

Grey States

If your state is highlighted in grey, it is because it either does not accept electronic payment for taxes or because it has reporting or payment requirements for household employers that cannot be accommodated by this software.

Federal Tax Filings for Green and Blue States

By law, as a Household Employer you may file annually on your personal income tax return and include a 1040 Schedule H.  You also may file at the frequency as any other business by filing more frequently than just once annually so as to avoid the unknown sticker shock at the end of the year. Savvy Nanny Payroll Services’s online system defaults to the more frequent option of a conventional business. You will not need to complete a Schedule H at year’s end.

Your Choice of Withholding Options

As a Household Employer, you have more choice in withholding options than a conventional employer. It is easy to set your own preferences in the employee Setup Tab. For more information on household employee tax withholding requirements please see FAQ.