Terms of Service

We appreciate the opportunity to provide payroll services to you. To ensure an understanding between us, this sets forth the terms of our engagement as well as the nature and limitations of our services to you.

Payroll Calculation Services

We will:

  • Calculate payroll for your employees
  • Calculate federal, state, and local payroll tax deposits
  • Prepare federal and state payroll tax forms as required
  • Prepare Form W-2

Our Responsibility

At the time you agree to these terms, we will run payroll for you as often as you select. We will set up new employees for payroll on an as needed basis using the information from documents that you provide.  See fee section below for specific information. We will inform you of the amount and due date of your payroll tax payments and filings and assist you in making them.

Your Responsibility

You will provide us with payroll information on a timely and periodic basis, including hours worked, pay rates, employee status, and benefits information. You will provide us promptly with updated and corrected information as needed.

You must maintain sufficient funds in your designated bank account to pay your taxes, direct deposit, and the Savvy Nanny Payroll Services monthly fee. Should there be insufficient funds in your account, you must pay the amount due immediately upon demand, plus exceptions processing fees, plus any bank fees or charges for return items, plus interest at the lesser of 18% annually or the maximum allowed by law, plus attorney’s fees and other costs of collection as allowed by law. In addition, Savvy Nanny Payroll Services may terminate this Agreement, discontinue the Service to you and utilize any other available remedy. Savvy Nanny Payroll Services may make appropriate reports to credit reporting agencies, financial institutions, tax agencies and law enforcement authorities, and cooperate with them in any resulting investigation or prosecution.

Upon gaining access to your account you will follow Set Up instructions and complete To Do items in a timely manner.  You are responsible for the accuracy of all information you enter in your Setup.  You will complete the registration for Electronic Services and Direct Deposit as a priority item as explained in your introductory email.

You are  solely responsible for payments of your taxes in a timely fashion.  Savvy Nanny Payroll Services is only limited in responsibility to providing email prompts to let you know it is time to approve tax payments and listing payments due in the appropriate places when you log into the site.  Should you miss a payment or pay late, you are solely responsible for all correspondence, penalties, and interest with the tax agency.

Payment And Filing Services

You will authorize us to make payments and filings for you.  To do so, you must print and sign the Form 8655 and Electronic Services Authorization form found in the Setup tab under Electronic Services and return it by fax to the number it gives you. If you authorize us to pay your employees or contractors electronically, you must ask each of them to sign a Direct Deposit Authorization and retain it in your files.  You are responsible for providing accurate information in the setup for direct deposit,  tax filing and payment.

By giving us access to your bank account, you authorize us to make payroll, contractor and payroll tax payments and filings on your behalf, and you will be bound by them as though you had made them yourself. Typically, we will send payment transactions through the Automated Clearinghouse (“ACH”) Network.  You agree that these payment transactions will be governed by the ACH Rules as in effect form time to time, and that each entry we make on your behalf will be authorized, timely, for an amount due and owing, and will not violate the laws of the United States.

Our Fees

Our fees for providing payroll for up to five (5) Employees or Contractors are $29.99 a month, with Savvy Nanny Payroll Services included as your fifth. This means you have four (4) remaining.  Each additional employee or Contractor costs an additional $1.50 per month.  Though you may use our service to pay contractors, you may not use the service to file 1099 forms for contractors at year’s end.  Should you file a 1099 form for a contractor, you will be charged a fee of $30/per contractor.  All fees paid to Savvy Nanny Payroll Services will be withdrawn from the same bank account used for tax payments, with Savvy Nanny Payroll Services set up as a contractor on your account. Click here for more information. You will be charged on the 5th of the month after acceptance of these terms and after Savvy Nanny Payroll Services sends your initial welcome email.  However, so as not to interfere with your other initial Direct Deposit activities, funds will not be withdrawn until the following month on the 5th.  Should you decide to cancel the service before your first payment is due and have not run a payroll, you will not be charged as long as you contact Savvy Nanny Payroll Services by email prior to that billing date.  If you are charged on your first billing date and Direct Deposit information has not been entered for your account, you will be invoiced by mail.

Cancellation of Service

You may cancel our service at any time.  Please be advised that billing occurs on the 5th of every month.  You must inform Savvy Nanny Payroll Services at least two business days before the 5th that you would like to cancel the service to avoid the next month’s billing cycle.  When you would like to cancel, please send an email.  An email will be sent to you with cancellation instructions and information about how to complete any tax filings and payments that may be due, including year-end responsibilities like form W-2.  You are responsible for cancelling your own service from within the system once you have completed any remaining filing or payment tasks.  You will continue to be billed by Savvy Nanny Payroll Services until you cancel your service from within the system, in Setup.